Carly&Eric Proposal

Carly and Eric.


I  met Carly about 4 years ago, at a Church Camp called Camp C.O.P.E. We were both counselors there and I knew that she would be someone I     continued to be friends with.


A little over a year ago, Carly met Eric.


Most of their relationship has been spent in long distance since Eric lives in Canada. Over that time, there were many Skype dates, long drives, and surprise visits. But a few weeks ago, Eric planned a surprise visit that they would never forget.


Eric flew to Nashville a day before his birthday and Carly had no idea. The next day, his birthday, Eric refused to FaceTime Carly in fear that she may catch on. Of course, as a loving girlfriend and that it was his birthday , Carly was not a fan of that. What she didn’t know was that Eric had been picked up(by yours truly) and was on his way to Hewitt Garden and Design Center to surprise her with FOREVER.

So Carly’s friend, Hannah, brought Carly to the Greenhouse to just look around and have some fun. In the other room, Eric was setting up for the surprise.

ALSO HUGE SHOUTOUT TO HEWITT GARDEN AND DESIGN for allowing all this go down. They were so gracious and accommodating and we are so thankful for them! Instagram: @hewitt_gc


So around 5pm, Carly’s family and closest friends arrived and hide within the trees.


City and Colours “Northern Winds” started playing and it was go time.

Carly walked into the Greenhouse and had to do a double take because she had no idea that Eric was even in the UNTIED STATES.

It was such a beautiful day. I am so thankful that I was able to be apart of this special day.


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